Virtual environnementΒΆ

We highly recommand to setup a virtual environnement to run pyLIMA. This is not mandatory however. here is a quick guide to virtual environements.

Here is the description using pip, procedure should be similar if your more familiar with anaconda.

Install virtualenv:

> pip install –user virtualenv

close and reopen terminal, or virtualenv command may not work

[!!!!! WARNING !!!!! : SPHYNX is bugged for double hyphen. There is a double hyphen before user, not a single one!]

Create an environnement, here we called it pyLIMA:

> virtualenv ~/envs/pyLIMA

Activate the environnement:

> source ~/envs/pyLIMA/bin/activate

If you ever want to deactiate the env, you can use:

> deactivate